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Alan Appelbaum began his professional career as a history teacher. Years later, he found himself working in the bond market. He has spent 48 years in the bond market industry.

He's now retired but continues to be involved in charity organizations. He's proud to have worked with some of his clients for 40 years.

Humble Beginnings

Alan is proud to say he came from humble beginnings. He grew up in Bayonne, NJ. It is a blue-collar town located near Newark Bay. The city is a far cry from Wall Street. It's known for exporting, oil refining, and yacht building.

His first career was as a history teacher in New Jersey. He got his start in the bond industry in 1973. Surprisingly, he did not know what he was getting into at the time.

When asked about those early years, Appelbaum said, "A friend of mine thought I would like working in the bond market, and all I knew of were bail bondsmen. So I thought I would be getting guys out of jail."

He worked in the industry for nearly a decade, learning everything to know. Then, in 1982, he founded A.F. Best Securities Inc. in Coral Springs, Fla.

He eventually sold the company to Gruntal & Co. LLC. The company kept the original name and added a Gruntal Division, in which Appelbaum acted as the president. He worked with the company until 1999.

President of H.J. Sims & Co.

Alan Appelbaum became president of H.J. Sims & Co. in 2002. The company was founded in 1935. Their current headquarters is in Connecticut. H.J. Sims is well known and respected. They are known for having a client-centred approach to investing.

The company has a surprising beginning. It was founded during the Great Depression by Herbert J. Sims. He began with a one-room office. He got the capital to start his business from his mother.

He built the business with little other than integrity and word of mouth. Appelbaum upheld the company's principles, identifying with Mr Sims's humble start and what he had built. He successfully guided the company until 2007.

Managing Partner for Aegis Capital

Appelbaum began acting as the managing partner for Aegis Capital in 2015. He was the head of the division of the municipal bond.

Aegis Capital was founded in 1984 and is located in New York City, New York. They focus on tailored investment solutions and take a hands-on approach when working with clients.

The company has processed more than $50 billion in capital markets transactions over the years. In addition, they offer several services, including wealth management, investment banking, equity research, retirement planning, and private equity.

Appelbaum helped the company grow from 2015 to 2021 when he retired.

Charity Work

Alan Appelbaum has worked extensively with charities. Thanks to his life experiences, he believes in giving back to the community.

A.F. Best Securities Foundation

A.F. Best Securities Foundation supports children's charities, particularly those in the medical or social fields. They also aim to fund research for cancer and other life-threatening diseases that strike children.

A.F. Best Securities Foundation raises contributions via an annual golf tournament. Dinner is also held.

Children's Charity Work

Appelbaum has a passion for helping children. He has given more than $4 million to children's charities through the A.F. Best Securities Foundation.

St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tn, named a lab after Appelbaum. This was due to his generous contributions to the hospital.

He was also a member of the Advisory Board of Directors for the Duke University Children's Hospital.


Appelbaum is currently a member of the board of directors for Maccabi's USA division. The company works to build and promote Jewish pride through sports.

They are devoted to people of all ages and physical abilities. Their goal is to promote Israel, Zionism, and Jewish continuity. In addition, they help build community through athletic, educational, and cultural events and experiences.

Appelbaum was a member of the gold medal golf team at the Maccabiah Games, which is the most significant event held by Maccabi. It's also known as the Jewish Olympics.

Maccabi USA held a Gala brunch in Boca Raton to honour what they term "Legends of Maccabi". He was recognized at the event.

Both Alan and Kerry Appelbaum participated in the 22nd Annual Palm Beach Tournament. Appelbaum represented Team USA at the 20th World Maccabiah Games in Israel.

Alan Appelbaum

Appelbaum has worked in the municipal bonds business for more than four decades. Throughout this time, he's built close relationships with clients. He's made significant financial contributions to several children's charities. In addition to financial assistance, he volunteers his time at Maccabi.

He's passionate about golf, community building, and the Jewish faith.


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