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I am a Member of the board of directors for Maccabi's USA Division.

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Alan Appelbaum began his professional career as a history teacher. Years later, he found himself working in the bond market. He has spent 48 years in the bond market industry. He's now retired but continues to be involved in charity organizations. He's proud to have worked with some of his clients for 40 years. Alan is proud to say he came from humble beginnings. He grew up in Bayonne, NJ. It is a blue-collar town located near Newark Bay. The city is a far cry from Wall Street. It's known for exporting, oil refining, and yacht building.

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Municipal Bonds
March 6, 2023

Municipal Bonds Show Strong Performance Despite Rising Rates

Municipal bonds continue to show strong performance despite rising rates. The tax-exempt yield of munis has increased to the highest level in more than a decade. Many munis are federally tax-exempt, and some are also free of state and local taxes. This may benefit investors in higher tax brackets as it can enhance the income […]

Alan Appelbaum
February 17, 2023

A Defense of Municipal Bonds in Light of Recent Volatility

thesttThere has always been a strong demand for municipal bonds among investors in search of income security and low risk. Yet, some investors wonder if these bonds are still a good option in light of the current market turmoil. Notwithstanding recent market volatility, we will argue that municipal bonds are still a good investment option. […]

February 1, 2023

The Municipal Bond Market Outlook

The municipal bond market is once again offering investors the diversification and income potential they traditionally covet, even in this era of rate volatility. Tax-free yields are attainable, credit quality remains strong and new issue supply continues to decline. Lower issuance coupled with increasing demand should support attractively valued municipal bonds in 2023. This is […]

January 20, 2023

Municipal Bonds Gear Up to Support City Infrastructure Investment

Municipal bonds are a vital source of revenue for municipalities across the country, and their increasing availability is proving to be a significant boon for cities looking to invest in their infrastructure. However, the market has become more complicated over the past few years as credit risk has become a big factor. A new study […]

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